2008 News


The Brewery Tap is pleased and extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the accolade of "Best Own Brew Pub 2009" from the Good Pub Guide. Below is the article from the book. The book which is now on its 27th edition is launching a website to accompany the guide thegoodpubguide.co.uk.

There's a vast two-storey-high glass wall in this striking modern conversion of an old labour exchange that divides the bar and the brewery, giving fascinating views of the brewing vessels. From here they produce their own Oakham beers but also keep nine thoughtfully chosen countrywide brewers as well; also, a good number of bottled belgian beers and quite a few wines by the glass. There's an easy going relaxed feel to the open-plan contemporary pillars, holding up a steel ring with bulbs running around the rim, and steel-meshed wall lights. A band of chequered floor tiles traces the part of the long sculptured light wood bar counter, which is boldly backed by an impressive display of bottles in a ceiling -high wall of wooden cubes. A sofa seating area downstairs provides a comfortable corner for a surprisingly mixed bunch of customers from young to old; there's a big screen TV for sporting events, piped music and games machines and DJs or live bands at the weekends. It gets very busy in the evening. The pub is owned by the same people as Charters (see below).

The Thai food is very good and extremely popular and runs from snacks such as chicken satay or tempura vegetables to soups like aromatic crispy duck noodle or tom yum and to main courses such as curries, noodle and rice dishes, salads and stir fries. Starters/snacks: 1.99 to 3.99. Main courses: 5.99 to 6.99. Puddings 3.99


Please see below Captain Sensibles Log of recording whilst enjoying their favourite beer JHB at their back garden bar named "The Knackered Back".
Delivery of the beer is thanks to a very good friend of Oakham Ales & The Damned, Pete Goddard - thanks Pete! The new album is finished and will hopefully be released by October - so please go buy it!

Captains Log:
There we were, slogging our guts out... slaving away over a hot
mixing desk while recording our 126th album (or whatever) when, just
as the proceedings were getting to the difficult overdub stage the
cavalry turns up in the form of a delivery van from the Oakham Brewery.

The couple of barrels of ale were swiftly transferred onto an old
trailer around the back of the studio (which is owned by Jethro
Tull's drummer Barry Barlow) and it was all we could do to resist the
temptation to quaff some there and then but amazingly for a bunch of
beer monsters like us we found some patience from somewhere or other.

And later, as we were enjoying our first pint of JHB it was agreed
that beer really didn't come much better than that. But a few days
(and 70 odd pints) later we found out that our new favourite beer had
a rival - and from the same brewery too! Yes, barrel number 2 was
filled to the brim with Oakham's incredibly hoppy INFERNO ale.... and
it was so popular that we got straight on the phone and ordered
another 3 casks!

How we got the record made with all that fabulous beer sloshing about
the place, and how the songs sound so great is anyone's guess but it
all came together fabulously - and it'll be available for any
discerning music lovers out there later in the year.

So, what does it sound like I hear you ask? Well..... it's a bit punk
- but with a psychedelic tinge. Oh and there's some Goth in there
too..... AND some cracking tunes. And should I mention the song with
a lyric about a bloke who dresses up as a French Maid to get his
kicks? Now.... where did I get the inspiration to pen THAT lyric
from, lol.

Captain Sensible


Update . . . WE WON !!!!!!

We are extremely happy to announce that Hawse Buckler scooped WORLDS BEST STRONG DARK ALE, WORLDS BEST DARK ALE, and was RUNNER UP in the WORLDS BEST OVERALL BEER.
Hawse Buckler, which was originally produced as a one off as an annual special for Peterborough Beer Festival 2006, went through stages of blind tasting by a selection of leading journalists, retailers, brewers, and other qualified tasters from around the world to become the best in its style. They were up against hundreds of entries from the UK, Europe, United States, Australia.

Please go to the official WORLD BEER AWARDS site to see for yourselves www.tastingbeers.com


We are pleased to announce that work is currently underway to create a Function Room at the Brewery Tap. The Function Room will be opening soon so watch this space for further details. If you are interested in hiring the function room please contact the Brewery Tap on 01733 358500.


Please telephone the ladies in the office on 01733 370500 or email to order your cases of JHB, Bishops Farewell, or Hawse Buckler to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Having a party? - Why not order a 9 gallon cask (68 drinkable pints) of one of our delicious ales for you and your guests to enjoy. We can prepare if for you so it is ready to drink, or you can settle it yourself - the choice is yours. Full instructions can be provided on either choice, but we do ask for a weeks notice for the ready to drink option.

We also offer a delivery service for people within our delivery area. Please call 01733 370500 or email info@oakhamales.com for further information.

The fight to save the Brewery Tap goes on!

The fight to save the Brewery Tap goes on!
The 14,500 strong petition was submitted to the Principal Planning Officer at Bridge Street council offices on Monday 18 February 2008. A response to the North Westgate development plan is due from the council by the end of March 2008. The petition is ongoing and your support is much appreciated and crucial. PLEASE VISIT THE BREWERY TAP TO SIGN THE PETITION OR SIGN UP ONLINE (click the don't scrap the tap logo on the left).